Me teame, et partnerlussuhted on meie klientide edukuse jaoks ülitähtsad. Aitame koos teie äril kasvada! Aastatepikkuse raske töö tulemusel on kasvanud nii meie Magento e-poodide arendamise kogemus kui ka meie partnerite nimekiri. Koostöö väga usaldusväärsete partneritega aitab meil tagada teie ettevõttele parema tulemuse. Oleme koondanud mahuka veebiekspertide nimekirja ühele mugavale lehele. Tutvuge nimekirjaga ja võtke nendega ühendust ning muutke oma ettevõte veelgi edukamaks.


Eurocase is your fulfillment partner and expert in storage and shipping for both B2B and B2C customers. Your webshop customers like to receive their products quickly and in good condition. Your wholesale customers have specific wishes regarding the delivery of your products. By linking your Magentowebshop to our system, we are able to fulfill all these wishes. In addition, we offer links with various shipping parties for local in international markets.


You do not want to pay the whole amount at once? Simply select In3: the only staggered payment method with 0% interest. You pay the purchase price in 3 instalments without paying extra. This way, you can buy your favourite product, within your budget. The minimum order amount is € 100 and the maximum amount € 3,000. In3 performs an ultra-fast data check prior to payment. The customer pays the first term directly, the second and third after 30 and 60 days. In3 will pay webshop owners the full invoice amount after 15 days, this way there is no risk for the merchant.

Retail Rocket

At Retail Rocket we help webshops with the implementation of personalization technologies by adjusting the webshop in real-time to the interest of every visitor to ultimately increase the conversion, turnover and average order value.


xCore - the backoffice specialist for Exact Software Up to 1750 webshop trust on the e-commerce backoffice expertise and software of xCore. We build connections between your Exact software and your webshop, whether it runs on Magento, Lightspeed or WooCommerce. Our team of experienced Exact consultants, webshop specialists and backoffice developers are always busy developing and building the products that optimize your e-commerce processes. Our goal: successful online entrepreneurship.


Channable is a data feed management tool for online marketing agencies and advertisers. The all-in-one tool includes many features such as data feed optimization, product listings for marketplaces, order connections, generating dynamic text ads and an Analytics connection. Just import your items with a feed, API or one of our eCommerce plugins. You can even combine multiple data sources from different systems. Take advantage of our international expertise to advertise anywhere.


Spotler helps marketeers and communication professionals to excel using the Spotler email marketing software that is easy to use and yet result driven. Spotler is software with a service. Call to action Request an online Demo


Sooqr Search: the fastest, most relevant & conversion-increasing search engine for e-commerce and beyond Sooqr Site Search is a search engine and navigation solution for websites. For both product and content, within e-commerce and beyond. Research shows that visitors with purchase intention use search function up to five times more often than 'normal visitors'. In addition, these visitors spend up to three times more per order. With Sooqr on your site, you add relevant and fast search engine. So fast, that as soon as the first letter is typed in, even with a spelling error, relevant search results appear within milliseconds. Sooqr allows visitors to find exactly what they are looking for. And of course a little bit more.


Fooman offers quality Magento extensions that are trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry. Our extensions have been downloaded more than 100 000 times for Magento stores in 70+ countries


OneStepCheckout is the #1 Checkout Extension for Magento stores that increases conversion rate by reducing cart abandonment. We provide a simple and fully responsive checkout that is also easy for merchants to install and customize both for Magento 1 and Magento 2.We are the absolute experts on Checkout and Conversion since 2010, providing the best quality product and support service at all time. That’s why we are trusted by over 20,000 Magento stores worldwide.

"Younify was an early adopter of OneStepCheckout back in 2009 and we've had a great partnership with Younify ever since."

Thien Lan Weber, OneStepCheckout


Buckaroo is a leading Payment Service Provider in the Netherlands with over 10 years experience in online payments, subscription processing and credit management. Currently more than 5,000 companies use Buckaroo's payment solutions.


The best performance. The sharpest price. Our exclusive focus on Magento is an important explanation for our unique performance. That's something else. Hipex has an obsession with new technology. We are always the first to dare the old and embrace the new one. That gives us - and you - a very big head start. Of course we are Magento 2 ready. Ask why our rates are so sharp. Provided: that is a relative given. We consider the market for hosting quite a bit. What also helps is the high level of self-reliance that comes from our highly acclaimed hosting panel. Whoever hosts Hipex needs little support.


Amasty is a leading Magento modules manufacturer, providing extensions for navigation, usability, checkout, shipping, product management and other crucial ecommerce areas.

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